About Us

eEquipRent is marketplace to locate, discover and rent equipment

There are businesses and organizations that need to rent equipment, and there are equipment suppliers that have that equipment available to rent. eEquipRent, as name suggests is an innovative, online equipment rental marketplace where businesses can quickly locate and rent the equipment they need from a mass network of eEquipRent suppliers.

Rental customers

How many calls will you have to make to find the equipment you need? How long will you have to wait for rental quotes to come back? How much confidence will you have in the equipment quality? To overcome these types of questions, login to www.eEquipRent.com

• Efficiently source from our wide range of network of rental suppliers
• Be assured all equipment rental sources conform to the highest quality standards
• Have a trusted partner to make sure equipment arrives on site and on time

Rental companies

How much amount you pay to Loan installments, storage fees, maintenance fees, insurance costs, depreciation, and other costs irrespectively weather your equipment is working or sits idle? You want to rent it out these equipment and earn some amount, but unable to find potential customers. login to www.eEquipRent.com and post your equipment.

• Drive new business locally and beyond to maximize inventory utilization
• Reduce administrative and customer service costs
• Mitigate risks from unqualified rental customers